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apricot grove acupuncture

'Apricot Grove Acupuncture', the name was derived from a story of a famous Oriental Medicine doctor, Dong Feng, in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD) and the Three Kingdoms Era (220-265 AD) of China. Dong was a Taoist, who lived in the Lushan mountains and treated patients there. Instead of asking money for his treatment, he asked each patient who had been cured by him to plant apricot trees on the mountains. In a period of ten years, he had about 100,000 apricot trees planted in that area. Every year, he harvested the apricots and then traded them for food to help the poor people there. Therefore, he was so loved by the people in that area that they built an apricot altar for him after he passed away. In order to memorialize him, people later called Traditional Chinese Medicine "Apricot Grove" in an unofficial but respectful way. Now, it is said that there are apricot trees still growing in the place where Dong Feng practiced his medicine 1800 years ago in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, China.

With such an inspiration in mind, the clinic is committed to providing high-quality Asian medical care in an efficient, affordable manner. As one of the well- trained acupuncturists, we have unique skills and background in both acupuncture and Oriental herbal medicine practice and research.